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Simple Process, Natural Finish: Perforated Diamond Finishing Strips


As a clinician, you expect an easy process and a natural finish when you’re shaping, contouring and performing interproximal reduction. Unfortunately, not every piece of equipment offers the best of both worlds. But Perforated Diamond Finishing Strips from Axis|SybronEndo offer complete control and a smooth surface, so your no-sweat reduction looks just about perfect.

Diamonds with Spiral Design Offer Fast Reduction and a Smooth Finish


While you may have come across several diamond instruments with cooling zones, it can be a new experience to see one with a spiral diamond-free cooling zone down the length of the bur. This spiral design is what sets NTI® Supercourse Turbo Diamonds apart from all other diamond instruments, says Michael DiTolla, DDS, and director of clinical research and education at Glidewell Labs in Newport, CA*.

Everything Endo: A Live Clinical Experience You Won’t Want to Miss


Turn the continuing education you have to do into the CE you want to do. With Everything Endo presented by Brett Gilbert, D.D.S., you will experience tailored material and informative, hands-on exposure to the latest endodontic equipment and instruments. Best of all, you will receive 14 CE credits! 

Choosing the Right Diamond Instruments for Your Practice: 2 Tips


You work with your hands all day, every day. So you know just how important the equipment and instruments you choose to use on a daily basis are to your success. But due to the extreme amount of diamond instruments currently available to dentists, it can be extremely difficult to choose the perfect one for you.

4 Ways the Apex ID Makes Treatment More Efficient


You may be thinking your apex locator works just fine, even without fancy technological updates. But when one apex locator can improve the efficiency of your treatments, it’s worth a try, right?

Top 4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Apex Locator Technology


What if you could improve patient care while making your job a little easier? Chances are you’d be interested. With the newest in apex locator technology, you can. The new Apex ID from Axis|SybronEndo takes locating the apex to the next level by utilizing the best technology has to offer. Check out these four reasons Apex ID can’t be beat:

2 More Ways You Know Your Apex Locator is Outdated


In our previous post, you discovered two features newer apex locators offer: the ability to set your own zero-point and continuous calibration. If your equipment lacks these features, it is a good sign your equipment may be outdated.

Two Reasons You Know Your Apex Locator is Outdated


An apex locator has been on your short list of go-to equipment for years. But you probably haven’t upgraded your apex locator in years, either. As technology advances so quickly, how can you be sure you are using the most up-to-date and beneficial equipment available?

See the Revolutionary TF Adaptive in Action: Video Demo


If you have used nickel-titanium files and experienced cyclic or torsional fatigue, there is new technology that solves both of these common issues—TF Adaptive. Its patented technology adjusts the force used depending on the pressure being put on the file; the file starts in a rotary motion and then becomes reciprocal when enough much pressure is put on it.

3 Reasons Why You Should Give TF Adaptive a Look


TF Adaptive has been making news among endodontists and dentists since its introduction at Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting last year. The new system offers rotary motion when you want it—600° clockwise and 0° counter clockwise file motion when no load is applied—and reciprocal motion when you need it—370° clockwise and up to 50° counter clockwise file motion when load is applied.

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