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Free Endo Samples Available: Try Them Now, Love Them Forever


Investing in endodontic products can be expensive, so you want to get it right the first time around. What if you could try out new products for free before purchasing it? We aren’t talking about distributors handing over the reigns for a minute; we are talking about trying free samples in your practice during real procedures. Wouldn’t that help make those purchase decisions much easier?

The Spiral Design of Turbo Diamonds Offers Several Benefits


With so many diamonds on the market today, it can be overwhelming to pick the best for your practice. But NTI® Supercourse Turbo Diamonds from Axis|SybronEndo sparkle a little more than the competition; read on to find out why.

Choosing the Right Diamond Instruments for Your Practice: 2 More Tips


In our last post, you discovered two tip for ensuring the diamond instruments you choose for your practice were the right investment: cost-effectiveness and cooling capabilities. Both of these factors should weigh heavily on your diamond-buying decision, but they should not be the only factors.

Manage Inventory and Reorder Dental Supplies With Ease


Recording, reorganizing and reordering supplies comes with the territory when you run your own dental practice, but too often these tasks become cumbersome and unsystematic. If a low supply count goes unnoticed, the chances of you not having exactly what you need on hand during a patient procedure increases tremendously.

More Insight from Two Dental Professionals Regarding the TF Adaptive


“Rotary when you want it, reciprocation when you need it.” While our previous post discussed how Adaptive Motion technology works and its effect on root canal preparations, the benefits don’t end there.

Two Opinion Leaders Discuss the Topic of Adaptive Motion


For most of your career, you probably have utilized either hand files and/or continuous rotary motion for root canal preparation. You may have even switched to reciprocal motion for NiTi files recently with the goal of using a single file system. In this article we dig deeper into the pros and cons of the idea, considering Adaptive Motion, a hybrid between rotary and reciprocation.

Dr. Soileau Shares His Favorite Features of Razor Sculpt Carbides


Just as a carpenter’s tool belt consists of handpicked hammers, drills and screwdrivers, a dentist’s tray is often filled with handpicked equipment. Items selected for hygiene treatments, root canals and every other type of dental procedure can truly make a difference in each outcome. That is why we wanted to learn more about why Tony Soileau, DDS and owner of Smiles by Soileau in Lafayette, LA, chose Razor Sculpt Trimming and Finishing Carbides for his practice.

Find Out What Dentists Like You are Saying About Razor Sculpt Carbides


According to Dental Products Shopper, 9 out 10 dentists recommend Razor Sculpt Trimming and Finishing Carbides. With such a robust supporting, it is intriguing to find out exactly what makes these carbides stand out amongst the crowd of other everyday burs.

Evaluating Carbides For Prep Use: 2 More Essential Elements


In our previous post, we shared two necessary elements to consider when investing in your next carbides for operative use. First, it is important to look for concentric construction. It is also important to look for sharp transversing tips and blade design.

Evaluating Carbides For Operative Use: 2 Essential Elements


Imagine you are about to remove a three-unit bridge. You know the faster you cut it off, the easier it is for the patient. And in order not to damage the teeth, you have to cut through the thick, extremely hard metal of the connector.

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